Listen to me, you f***. You did a lot of s*** here. You played a lot of f***ing cards, and you made a lot of f***ing people do a lot of f***ing things they didn’t wanna do. This is true. We both know this is true. You, McNulty, are a gaping a**hole. We both know this. F*** if everybody in CID doesn’t know it. But f*** if I’m gonna stand here and say you did a single f***ing thing to get a police shot. You did not do this, you f***ing hear me? This is not on you. No, it isn’t, a**hole. Believe it or not, everything isn’t about you. And the motherf***er saying this, he hates your guts, McNulty. So you know if it was on you, I’d be the son of a b**ch to say so. S*** went bad. She took two for the company. That’s the only lesson here.

Source:S1.Ep11: The Hunt
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