No one else sees it. This thing in me. Even I didn’t see it at first. And then one day, it was there. A stain I never noticed before, a tiny fleck of darkness. Invisible to everyone, but I could see nothing else. Until finally I understood that the darkness wasn’t some mark from something I’d done, some regrettable decision I’d made. I was shedding my skin. And the darkness was what was underneath. It was mine all along. And I decided how much of it I let into the world. I tried to do right. I was faithful, generous, kind… at least in this world. That has to count for something, right? I built a wall, and I tried to protect you, and Emily. But you saw right through it, didn’t you? You’re the only one. And for that, I am truly sorry. Because, everything you feel is true. I don’t belong to you. Or this world. I belong to another world. I always have.[to Juliet]

Source:S2.Ep9: Vanishing Point
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